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If you are planning to stay in the United Arab Emirates, finding the right home to rent in Dubai is an integral decision to make because this will have a significant impact on your financial status. It is important to understand that in Dubai rent is paid in advance meaning that you will have to deduct huge sums of money from your pay: this will also have an impact on other costs. In this guide, we have compiled all the relevant information on what you need to know before renting property in Dubai.

Understand the Legal Requirements

You must have a valid residence visa to rent an apartment or home in Dubai. This means that you must find an alternative accommodation until your visa comes through. Also, check whether the person renting out the property is listed on the land department website. This can be done by checking the website or asking for their Real Estate Regulatory Agency (RERA) card.
When it comes to the signing of the contract, verify whether the contract is registered with, an official agreement has to be registered here. Also, check the title deed to tell whether the property belongs to the individual who is letting it out. Another important aspect is to read keenly the contract to understand the terms and conditions. For instance, the person who is liable if the lease is broken, the maintenance responsibilities and insurance and parking.

Fixed Term Contracts

Rental contracts in Dubai are offered as fixed term of one year from the start date. The same conditions that are on offer in the first year should apply to the next. But this can be overruled by other terms of the contract, so read carefully to ensure that the agent or landlord does not include something different. When you want to leave the rented property, the law stipulates that you must give notice to your landlord. If you decide to move to another apartment, you become legally bound by the two different owners. Sticking to the stated notice period is important.


Payment for an apartment in Dubai is different than in other places. For instance, you have to pay a five percent deposit of the annual rent. Payments are not made on a monthly basis: they are spread out the year in three or four cheques. At the start of the contract, you must give the cheques to the landlord: one is the current while the other three being post dated. As a tenant, ensure that you have copies of the cheques in case the owner tries to dispute payments. Cheques act as security for the landlord in case the renter goes against the contract.

Paying Bills

It is important to know that certain apartments charge for air conditioning service, but you might also find landlords who cover this cost. Water and electricity bills plus tax are paid to the Dubai Electricity and Water Authority, and payment can be made online. Carry out further research to find out the best TV, Internet and gas providers to obtain your total charges.

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