Rental services

You already live in Dubai, or you will soon expatriate and looking to find a new home. Enjoy selection of apartments and villas that suit your budget, fitting your lifestyle, close to your center of interests.

Professional real estate agents handle all the paperworks, and support you thru the rental process, and provide you information to setup in Dubai.

  • Large choice of apartments and villas
  • Perfect knowledge of Dubai neighborhoods
  • Properties for all budgets
  • Multilingual team (english, arabic, french)
  • Intermediation between the owner, you and your company (in the case of a “house allowance”)
  • Assistance for utilies subscriptions (internet / electricity…)
  • RERA accredited agents

How to start rent in Dubai?

In order to assist you we need first to understand your requirements

  • What is your budget?
  • In which area will you work?
  • Are you single or married?
  • Do you have children? If yes, which school they will attend?
  • Do you have specific criteria?

With these informations we will be able to advice you about the best districts fitting your criteria taking into reality the market.

Important note: most of the properties n Dubai are rented on yearly basis and the rent payment must be done yearly in advance with 1 to 4 cheques depending the landlord.
Feel free to contact us now!

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