Revolutionizing Safety and Accessibility: Dubai Launches AI-Powered Pedestrian Crossings

Revolutionizing Safety and Accessibility: Dubai Launches AI-Powered Pedestrian Crossings cover

Dubai, a trailblazer in innovation and urban development, is once again leading the way with its groundbreaking Dubai AI pedestrian crossings. This first-of-its-kind initiative aims to enhance safety and accessibility, making the city's streets safer for pedestrians, cyclists, and other road users, while shaping the future of Dubai urban infrastructure.

According to Khaleej Times, Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO), a thriving community, now boasts fourteen smart pedestrian crossing systems equipped with advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. These state-of-the-art crossings seamlessly detect and track pedestrians and vehicles in real time, paving the way for smart pedestrian crossings that redefine urban safety.

Years of meticulous testing and development have gone into this revolutionary system, resulting in a thoughtfully designed solution. Leveraging behavior prediction models and an ultra-high-speed 5G connection, the AI-powered system at DSO ensures continuous data collection of safety events and traffic, maximizing efficiency and responsiveness.

How Does It Work?

Dubai's forward-thinking approach integrates advanced behavior prediction models into its AI-powered pedestrian crossings. This innovative feature anticipates vehicle movements, maximizing reaction times, and significantly reducing the likelihood of accidents, providing a safer crossing experience for pedestrians.

Flexibility and customization are at the heart of this intelligent system. Traffic authorities can activate or deactivate alerts, tailor signal durations, and adapt crossing scenarios to specific traffic conditions. This dynamic adaptation ensures that optimal safety measures are in place at all times.

A Collaborative Effort for Success

The success of these AI-powered pedestrian crossings stems from a fruitful partnership between Dubai Silicon Oasis (DSO) free zone and Derq, a leading AI-based traffic technology developer. This collaboration exemplifies the power of teamwork in driving innovation and building sustainable Dubai urban infrastructure.

Muammar Al Katheeri, Chief Officer for Engineering and Sustainability at Dubai Integrated Economic Zones Authority (DIEZ), enthusiastically supports the advanced system. His vision is to provide DSO residents and business partners with a seamless and intelligent living and working experience.

Looking Towards the Future

The future prospects for Dubai AI pedestrian crossings are even more promising. As technology continues to evolve, authorities plan to leverage 5G communication technologies, further enhancing safety. This will establish a comprehensive and interconnected safety network, enabling the system to communicate safety information and alerts directly to vehicles approaching pedestrian crosswalks.


Dubai's AI-powered pedestrian crossings in Dubai Silicon Oasis exemplify a remarkable stride in revolutionizing safety and accessibility in urban environments. By leveraging cutting-edge AI technology and fostering collaboration, Dubai is setting new standards in creating smart pedestrian crossings and responsive Dubai urban infrastructure.

As the success of this groundbreaking initiative resonates, Dubai inspires other cities worldwide to embrace innovation and prioritize pedestrian safety. With the rise of AI-powered pedestrian crossings, cities will undoubtedly become safer and more inclusive for all residents and visitors. The future of urban mobility and safety has arrived, and Dubai is leading the way.

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