Dubai Lifestyle: The Innovative Healthcare System

Dubai Lifestyle: The Innovative Healthcare System

Dubai Lifestyle: The Excellence in Healthcare Provision

Dubai Lifestyle Healthcare

Today, most progressive cities require business owners to provide private medical insurance. The Dubai lifestyle aims to excel when it comes to providing healthcare. And with many brokers able to assist the companies, employers will surely find the right fit! This is a good reassurance for people working in the most populous city in the UAE.

Dubai Health Strategy 2021

In 2016, the government launched the Dubai Health Strategy 2021. It's a five-year plan to improve the cost-effectiveness and quality of health services in the Emirate.

The strategy has 4 approaches: excellence in providing service, health and lifestyle, smart healthcare, and governance. The government encourages private investments in key e-health services, medical tourism, and related real estate development.

Dubai Health Authority

The Dubai Health Authority is a government organization that oversees the health system in the city. They operate 4 main hospitals, 7 specialty centers, and 20 clinics for primary healthcare. Also, private clinics and hospitals operate all over UAE. Many of them are based in Dubai Healthcare City. Dubai Healthcare City is an urban landmark for advanced healthcare services for both individuals and corporations.

UAE Ministry of Health

The UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention is responsible for implementing healthcare policies. They coordinate with the Ministry of State and cooperates with local and international private health sectors. One of its policies is to provide comprehensive healthcare for the residents and citizens through preventive and curative services. You will find expanded clinics dedicated to the elderly, diabetic, dental, radiology, and even laboratory services.


Pharmacies in the UAE are advancing rapidly. Encompassing the pharmaceutical industry and pharmacy practice in the UAE Federal Law in the 1980s, UAE made substantial growth in the quality use of medicines available in the market. Combined with the public health and individual patient care, the Dubai lifestyle healthcare system is a brilliant innovation.

Dubai lifestyle pharmacies

Most Dubai pharmacies are open from Saturday until Thursday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Hospitals have 24-hour pharmacies; there are over-the-counter medications that are widely available in the supermarkets. However, some medications still need prescriptions. Check with the Ministry of Health for more details.

They may allow you for a 12-month supply in case you need to import prescription medicines. Just make sure that you bring a prescription or your doctor’s letter for verification. Still, you cannot import narcotics without the approval from the Ministry of Health. You can check with the Ministry of Health or the Drug Control Department for details.

Ambulance Services

The emirate has its ambulance services known as the Dubai Corporation for Ambulance Services. The standardization of the services is in line with the Dubai Strategic plan. The leaders of the government wanted to unite the effort and potential of people providing ambulance services in Dubai. They also regulate ambulance services by private concerns. To reach them, you need to call their 998 emergency hotline.

Veterinary Services

The Dubai Municipality Veterinary Services handles Animal health services. They offer free registration, vaccination, and even house stray animals. You can find them past Mushrif Park at Al Khawaneej Road and Academic City Road in Mirdif.

The Dubai lifestyle healthcare system is a brilliant innovation

There are several veterinary and pet daycare centers in Dubai. You can look for qualified professionals to help you with the relocation of family pets.


The quality healthcare services and facilities of the UAE led to a rise in medical tourism. The prevalence in healthcare shows that an estimate of 181 doctors per 100,000 residents. But the innovation of its healthcare system does not stop today. With an active campaign in improving services and a dedicated government strategy, the emirate continues to attract investments and businesses. For years, the government focused on the health and well-being of the people. The expats benefit from the high medical standards of the city. Know more about the Dubai lifestyle!

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