Stunning Reasons to Buy Dubai Real Estate Property Now

Stunning Reasons to Buy Dubai Real Estate Property Now

Planning to buy a Dubai real estate property despite the pandemic? Here are the stunning reasons why it’s recommended to make a purchase now. Take advantage of these benefits while properties are still selling like hotcakes!

Stunning Reasons to Buy Dubai Real Estate Property Now

Better Prices

The Dubai real estate market prices are already declining in recent years. The estimated prices for villas and apartments from Dh1,800-Dh 2,700/sq.ft. What’s more? You can expect the price to go down further due to the ongoing public health crisis.

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As more and more developers enter the market, you’ll also find them competing for the price. This gives you an advantage since you get to canvas properties that suit your budget and needs.

Variety of Available Options

Aside from better prices, you'll also expect a surge of property projects in the Dubai real estate market. More and more developers have real estate projects ranging from affordable apartments, condo units, townhouses to expensive villas. You’re guaranteed to find the best property that suits your needs.

Furthermore, developers aren’t just competing for better prices; they’re also offering incentives, discounts, flexible payments, and other freebies. This gives customers more purchasing power as they buy properties.

Better Value

Not only you can avail of a Dubai real estate property for a better price, but it’s also a promising investment. Despite the ongoing pandemic, Dubai is now on the road for recovery. The government has resumed its business and economic activities while implementing safety protocols. Dubai is positive it’ll bring back its old glory by next year.

By the time Dubai Expo 2020 resumes next year, you can expect a surge of tourists, investors, and ex-pats moving to Dubai. This guarantees your property value will skyrocket over time! You can sell it for a higher price in the next few years or generate a passive income by converting it into rentals. Studies show properties in Dubai produce high yields of investment.

Capital Gains

Another reason why you should invest in Dubai real estate is capital gains. According to Knight Frank, Dubai outperforms major cities in the world like Hong Kong, London, and London when it comes worth of property and home value.

Tax-Free Returns

Another major concern of real estate investors worldwide is tax. Some are hesitant to buy properties due to high real estate taxes, inheritance, capital gains, etc. Well, you’re in luck! Dubai gives tax-free returns to its real estate investors. You’ll enjoy tax returns in the long run.

Strict Laws

Are you afraid that your Dubai real estate investment will be in vain due to fraudulent activities? Fret, not! Dubai has implemented stricter laws and regulations to make sure all transactions are legitimate and legally binding. You’ll be more confident to make real estate transactions in Dubai since the government ensures it’s free from corruption and fraud activities. This makes your transaction and investment safe and well-protected.

Safe Haven

Dubai is also an ideal place to invest in real estate because its safe here. Dubai has a low to non-existent crime rate. It has high political stability, excellent connectivity, booming business and economic activities, modern infrastructure. Most investors choose to invest in Dubai real estate because they’re sure they’ll be making long-term investments. Dubai also makes it an ideal place to stay and live in.

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