Is It Possible for Technology to Replace Real Estate Agents?

Is It Possible for Technology to Replace Real Estate Agents?

Majority of people prefer the touch and feel of a real property when it is finished and ready for occupancy. There are several technologies that can alter the way in which properties are marketed in the UAE. Examples of these technologies are the following: mixed reality, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and augmented reality. These technologies are also expected to change the house hunting experience of those who plan to buy real estate in Dubai.

Buyers who may come from anywhere in the world can simply use VR headsets and they will be able to visit properties they intend to buy without having to leave their homes. It may also be instrumental in creating the trust and encouraging the buyers to purchase the property ASAP. With the population of tech-savvy millennials and their gaining economic power, it is important for real estate agents and developers to make use of PropTech or property technology to be able to sell off-plan in Dubai Real Estate.

The advent of virtual reality and virtual tours disrupted the current trend of buying and selling real estate. The buying process has been shortened by the changes that VR and related technologies provide. It allows for a truly immersive experience. It’s easy to use this as a tool in sales centers and even through mobile apps.

These technologies also make it easier for developers and real estate agents to present properties that are not yet finished. These technologies will be able to replace mockup rooms and project staging. Property technology is highly affordable, and it does not consume time when used. It is through staging that buyers are able to choose the right property which they can consider as their home.

It is through VR and other PropTech options that the target market is extended. It makes it easy to check the different properties that are available for them even if they are miles away. This is also helpful for those who plan to move to a different country for retirement. These prospective buyers will be able to view and understand well the location, the amenities, and features that may not be possible for those who are miles away.

VR and AR can also enhance every step of the construction process. PropTech most specifically VR also allows designers to check on design issues by walking through the entire project on VR. The issue on whether VR is set to replace real estate agents in the future is not possible. Buyers will still long for the human factor, as every property comes with a story that only a human being can tell. Buyers will still yearn for human interaction.

The challenge for the adoption of such technologies is for the developers and real estate agents to realize the full potential of PropTech. As of now, it is still merely a novelty or a gimmick. The people who have to use the technology must be educated about it.

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