Cityscape Dubai: Real Estate Dubai Soars High

Cityscape Dubai: Real Estate Dubai Soars High

According to the Dubai Land Development (DLD), Dubai has become a safe haven for property investment. In the first six months of 2017, there was an increase of 6.8 percent yearly increase in terms of Dubai real estate transactions. It is supported by solid long-term returns along with a reputation for making great changes in architecture.

Dubai is among the top 20 cities for the super wealthy. A new research done by YouGov reveals that 88 percent of home buyers, institutional investors, and individual investors believe that the UAE has the most appeal when it comes to real estate investments in the Middle East and the North Africa regions. The Cluttons Survey named Dubai as the most preferred location for property investment.

Dubai as a Refuge

According to Zaal Mohamed Zaal, the chairman of Al Barrari, said that developers in the UAE need to focus more on the key end-user criteria such as access, location, quality, sustainability, deliverables, deadlines, and vision.

Dubai as the Image of the Future

The Dubai government is expected to award 47 construction contracts for infrastructure projects which is worth AED 11 billion (US $3 billion) at the Expo 2020 Dubai venue. This has a positive impact on forwarding demand for Dubai infrastructure and real estate development. Dubai’s residential and commercial real estate projects have gone farther than the Greenfield sites within the interior or along the coastline.

The usual problem in expansion in a densely populated urban community is more focused on space optimization and quality. The architecture community discussed to rebalance the limited available space by increasing lifestyle value such as having high-quality design amenities. The ultimate end is the integration of the natural environment. This means that the architects in the region have to consult the local environment office to inquire about spatial flow and also that of light usage.

Dubai Still an Affordable City

Dubai has also added a more affordable property to the usual luxury mix. This is because of the middle-income percentage of the population. This gives another option for a high-demand investment to end users and also buy-to-let investors.

A new housing policy was also implemented by the Dubai government which is aimed to provide housing for the low-income earners. It is also intended to reinvigorate the older areas within the urban heartland of the city.

Dubai as a Sustainable City

In terms of sustainability, Dubai Municipality champions the emirate’s sustainability goal because of its implementation of Green Building Regulations and Specifications which is an invaluable guide for developers and also for new landlords.

In the UAE, the Al Barari community is known as the forerunner for green living. The latest torchbearer is the Sustainability City. The Dubailand community is home to 2,700 residents in villas that are designed with sustainability in mind. Examples of sustainable amenities found in the community are solar rooftop panels and the use of heat reflective paint and glass.

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