The Ultimate Checklist When Moving to a New House in Dubai

The Ultimate Checklist When Moving to a New House in Dubai

If you are planning to move to a new house within Dubai, you have to know how it works. There are many things you're going to consider when moving into your new home. For you to keep track of everything, here's the ultimate checklist you need:

1. Throw Out the Things You Don’t Need

Sort out all the things you don’t need anymore and discard them. This will make it easier for you to start a new home. You can also separate the valuable items from those that are regularly used. Another way of earning money from your stuff is to set up a garage sale.

2. Divide the Tasks for the Whole Family

If you live with your family, you can turn moving into quality bonding time. You can divide the tasks of moving to make sure that everyone is involved. For instance, small children can put their toys and clothes in boxes. This can help you save time and teach the kids responsibility. A checklist is important at this point since you can easily tick off the tasks that have been accomplished.

3. Obtain a Moving Permit

There are some buildings within Dubai that require moving permits when you move in or out of them. This makes sure that all the fees are settled. That’s why it is crucial for you to contact the landlord and ask if you have paid all the balance to avoid any possible delays.

4. Choose the Right Packers and Movers in Dubai.

You have to choose the right professional movers and packers in Dubai to help you plan the move. Get quotes and schedule the move at least two weeks before the move. You need to compare the prices and services offered for every company available. Confirm the move a few days before the schedule to ensure the truck’s availability.

5. Make Sure that the Movers and Packers Label All the Items.

Part of choosing the movers and packers to handle the move is to make sure that they label all the items. This will make it easier for you to set up the new home. You can ask them to separate the valuable ones from the rest.

Moving Day
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6. You Need to Switch the Utility Services

It is important to call the gas, water, electricity, and telephone companies at least a week before the move. You also have to contact the providers in your new place to make sure that they are all set up.

7. Get Your Deposit from the Landlord

When you move out, make sure that you get the deposit from the landlord. You can hire cleaners and painters who can help restore the original look of the home. Before you move in, it is important for you to take a photo of the new place to have a record of its original condition.

Moving will always be challenging. It helps if you know the right things to do and you have the help of the right professionals. Find the best Dubai real estate to purchase or rent by visiting our website!

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