Dubai Discloses Green and Sustainable Plans for Expo 2020

Dubai Discloses Green and Sustainable Plans for Expo 2020

The estimated budget for the Dubai Expo 2020 in terms of irrigation and landscaping projects is Dh277 million. Dubai’s plan for greenery and water features of the Expo will commence in October 2020.

The Emirates will cover a 4.38 square kilometer area of the desert into a green and sustainable oasis with large structures. Countries have started to announce the designs of their pavilions while Dubai turning the area into an artistic landscape with water and greenery to capture the world’s attention. Organizers work hand in hand with Dubai Municipality to make this a reality, making the region worthy of any Dubai investment.

Lush Greenery

Ahmad Al Khateeb, CEO of Development and Real Estate of Expo 2020 Dubai said that an area of 220,000 square metres is allotted for a nursery of trees and plants. There are around 12,157 trees including palm trees, more than 256,000 shrubs, and around flowering plants and herbs. This is to be completed with the aid of Dubai Municipality.

Al Khateeb added that the plants to be used in the Expo are either indigenous or highly adaptable to Dubai’s environment. Eco-friendly designs and methods are adapted in the construction of the Expo’s nursery. It also uses organic fertilizers and makes sure that the nursery’s waste is recycled. The main road is also installed with solar-powered lights.

Reuse of Water

Dubai set up water consumption systems that reuse water from different sources namely wastewater, groundwater discharge, air conditioning water, and seasonal surface water flows. The venue will have large areas for open-air activities. The plant decorations will be run by drip irrigation techniques. These will include the Al Fursan Park that can hold 2,500 people and the Jubilee Park which can accommodate 15,000 people.

Al Khateeb further said that the Expo will also feature trails, parks, and fountains along with the Al Wasl Dome as its giant screen.

Landscaping Projects

Taleb Abdul Kareem Jilfar, Dubai Municipality’s executive director of the infrastructure services division, said that the projects can add more value to the landscape of the area. Trees will function as a green barrier to reduce sand and dust particles in the air. The Dubai Municipality also implements the “Integrated Dubai Strategy to Protect Water Resources 2030.” This ensures that dripping and spray technologies are used for irrigation instead of the traditional method with suitable agricultural soils that aid in water conservation and reduction of evaporation.

Strategic Rationalization

Water is a scarce natural resource in the UAE region. Forty-two percent of its drinking water comes from desalination. Following the “UAE Water Security Strategy 2036,” the Expo set up a water strategy that reduces the demand for drinking water by implementing a hierarchy of use and the use of non-drinkable water for irrigation and cleaning.

A group from “Expo Live-EXPO 2020 Dubai International Innovation and Partnership Programme” works together with the “Desert Control Company” to test liquid clay nanoparticles in the park. This is done by mixing soil from it with synthetic mud.


Dubai Municipality provides wastewater to be used for the nursery’s irrigation while clean drinking water is used for seed development during the first stages of developing the plants.

According to Jilfar, since the UAE is hosting the Expo, the Dubai Municipality has set up strategic plans for the event, most notably key infrastructure which will be able to accommodate the influx of people.

Projects in the Works

Jilfar further added that Dubai Municipality is launching several strategic projects not only to prepare for the Expo but to fulfill Dubai’s future needs. First is the tunnel project for rainwater drainage, the targeted completion date of which will be before the start of the Expo.

The Expo also received several achievement certificates that confirm the completion of the sustainability, movement, and opportunities areas of the Expo site. This includes 86 multi-purpose buildings.

Readiness Committee

“Expo 2020 Dubai Hosting Readiness Follow-Up Committee” was formed by Shaikh Ahmad Bin Saeed Al Maktoum, the Chairman of the Supreme Expo 2020 Dubai Committee. The committee held its third meeting spearheaded by Mohammad Ebrahim Al Shaibani, Director-General of the Dubai Ruler’s Court. This was intended to ensure the preparations of the local authorities with the help of all government authorities in the UAE.

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