Dubai Lifestyle: Dubai Holds First Real-Life Business Conference After Shutdown

Dubai Lifestyle: Dubai Holds First Real-Life Business Conference After Shutdown

Several months after the lockdown, Dubai is now more than ready to recover and return to normalcy. Aside from resuming its economy, they also make sure to implement strict health protocols. Due to the government and the public's continuous efforts, the first "real life" business conference was finally enacted. Let's learn how people adapt to this new Dubai lifestyle.

Dubai Lifestyle Real-Life Business Conference

Last July 16, 2020, the government conducted the first-ever Dubai lifestyle "real life" business conference. A full house of hundred attendants participated in the AI everything conference. The rows of chairs spread apart to follow the 2-meter social distancing guidelines.

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According to the footage gathered, you can see the elite Emirati businessman Mohamed Alabbar projected on large screens as he headed the event. An organizer even reminded the participants not to touch the screen as they printed their badges. The said badges ere barcodes sent to the participants' phone that served as their barcodes to enter the event.

Huge Success

According to the organizers, the said Dubai lifestyle real-life business conference was a huge success since the lockdown. The Dubai government is keen on continuing to host events and conventions for the rest of the year. Dubai is well known to host numerous conventions every year. Its events range from political events, technology to lifestyle forums. Since the pandemic broke though, the conference had moved to computer screens.

The Comeback

After a few months since the lockdown, the city is now up and bustling with numerous conference businesses. This, after the Dubai lifestyle, resumed business and economic recovery. They've started with hosting the said business event in the artificial intelligence industry. In the past few months, the city's World Trade Center got converted into a field hospital and quarantine facility to house COVID-19 patients.

However, the building got its limelight again as it hosted hundreds of attendees for the conference. Moreover, thousands of people also flocked outside the hall. They were listening on the screens set up outside. They’re also waiting when someone got out of the hall before they can enter the premises.

The Speech

The international cooperation minister Reem Al Hashimi said it felt good to be face to face with others after a long time. The pandemic also taught everyone to be conscious and careful while living our lives as we adapt to the new normal; the new Dubai lifestyle. Establishing a solid balance between health and economy is critical.

The said four-hour event was held differently this time due to the new norm. Gone are the crowded foyers, waiters roaming around bringing a tray of drinks, or packaged fruit or energy bars waiting at gourmet buffets. Now, there's a badge printing station near the hall entrance.

The organizers wearing face shields and black suits. They're there to instruct people how to do contactless registration. Colorful signs were also laid on the floor adorned with smiley faces to remind participants to wear their masks and implement social distancing at all times.

The Demand

Dubai is also betting that the tourism industry will bounce back as everyone adapts to the new Dubai lifestyle. The government is keen on placing Dubai as a safe destination for tourists as it uses its resources to contain the virus.

This initiative also comes after the World Trade Center discharged its last COVID-19 patient last July 8, 2020. It also closed its doors as a referral hospital and quarantine facility. A few days later, it successfully hosted the AI Everything event while bearing the slogan "Restart Dubai."

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