Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 Got Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 Got Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Before the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 was one of the most highly-anticipated events in the world. Millions of tourists and investors were excited to attend this prestigious event. However, all the prosperous projects and preparations halted when the pandemic progressed around the world. Let us learn some new updates about the Dubai Expo 2020 and how the government is responding well to this crisis.

Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 Got Cancelled Due to COVID-19

Recently, the government announced the postponement of the Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 due to the pandemic. The event will be held on October 1, 2021 – March 31, 2022, a year after its original slate. According to the organizers, the delay will give the participants and the world ample time to navigate the pandemic’s impacts.

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The Dubai government hopes the delay will contribute to implementing new innovative solutions to battle COVID-19. Despite the said postponement, the BIA members are hopeful it can still keep up the hype for next year. Not only Dubai is successfully containing the virus, but its lifestyle is going back to normal too. Or maybe the better term is “new normal” with stricter health protocols implemented.

Continued Development

Despite the postponement, the Dubai government continues to implement projects to prepare for next year. The real estate experts see a rising trend in real estate sales this June. This is due to the fact that Dubai-based property developers are aggressive in meeting deadlines and project turnovers.

Now that Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 has been postponed, it gives them more time to build more properties and infrastructures. This is to cope up with future demands in real estate, tourism, and hospitality industries when Dubai Expo 2020 resumes next year. Another major factor is the pandemic’s blessing in disguise.

Since the pandemic struck, the real estate property prices have dropped tremendously. This urges the developers to compete by offering incentives, flexible payment terms to entice buyers. More and more investors are taking the opportunity to invest in real estate and hospitality businesses in preparation for Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 next year.

Dubai’s COVID-19 Response

As the world awaits the return of Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020, the Dubai government is doing its best to manage the pandemic well. The government implemented city-wide lockdowns for the past two months since April.

Followed by it was the implementation of strict health protocols to control the people’s movements. Dubai has seen a significant decrease in their COVID-19 cases. This prompted Dubai to slowly re-open businesses and economic activities again.

Fortunately, the government also eased its borders to resume domestic and international flights. Rest assured that Dubai is doing its very best to make it readily available to the world while ensuring the safety of everyone. Dubai is confident it can host Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 next year with ease.

A Brighter Future

A year from now, the Dubai government and BIA are positive they’ll keep the momentum running. The experts also anticipate a staggering 25 million tourists will come to Dubai by next month. The Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 is said to welcome guests in over 200 countries. They also expect several prestigious international organizations to attend the event too.

The Dubai Lifestyle Expo 2020 unveiled its theme “connecting minds, creating the future”. The said event expects to showcase hundreds of pavilions to accommodate interactive exhibits, meeting spaces, live entertainment, and quirky hangouts.

Some of Dubai's renowned architects like Carlo Ratti Associati, JKMM Architects, Es Devlin, and Foster + Partners worked together to create Dubai Expo 2020’s stunning pavilions. Meanwhile, the guests can also look forward to gazing at Asif Khan's gigantic entry portals next year.

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