Here’s Why You Should Invest in Dubai Real Estate Now Amid Pandemic

Here's Why You Should Invest in Dubai Real Estate Now Amid Pandemic

The pandemic might’ve slowed down the turn over of Dubai real estate projects, but the sales still keep the rising trends. This is because the real estate prices lowered as developers compete to entice buyers.

Moreover, buyers can enjoy flexible terms of payments and other incentive packages offered by developers. Aside from these temporary perks you can get during the pandemic, what other reasons why you should invest in real estate now? Let’s check out.

Here’s Why You Should Invest in Dubai Real Estate Now

Attractive Profit

Dubai real estate is bursting with numerous potentials and opportunities in the next coming years. Now that Dubai is back in business, thousands of developers are now rushing to complete their real estate projects. They’re mostly aiming to meet the turnover deadline before Dubai Expo 2020 resumes next year.

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The most anticipated event is likely to bring millions of tourists and investors from around the world to Dubai. This gives you a general idea of how the demand for real estate and accommodation will increase tenfold. With that said, the estimated income and profit yield for real estate is around 7%. So grab this opportunity to buy real estate now and reap high ROI later.

Open to Foreign Investments

Another reason why you should invest in Dubai real estate is the emirate’s openness for foreign investments. You’ve already heard how foreign investors can set up their business in Dubai through a free zone company. Aside from this, Dubai is open to foreign real estate investments. This means you’re free to invest in major property projects in Dubai and choose the best real estate for you.

Political Stability

Another reason why it’s great to invest in real estate is its political stability. Dubai’s politics is highly stable, making it perfect for long-term investments like real estate. As an investor, you’ll have peace of mind investing in properties and making business in Dubai. You won’t have to worry about political turmoil affecting your business for a long period of time.

Highly Transparent Market

What makes Dubai real estate a great place for investment is its highly transparent market. Whether you’re looking for commercial or residential property, you’re in safe hands. You’ll find Dubai houses the best developers in the emirate with transparent credentials and credible reputations. Dubai also has several departments and agencies to oversee real estate transactions in the emirate.

This includes the Dubai Land Department (DLD), Dubai Real Estate Institute (DREI), etc. These agencies will make sure every agent will undergo transparent real estate transactions. Moreover, these agencies will handle any disputes between developers and buyers. This will help ensure you’re in safe hands when making real estate transactions in Dubai.

Dubai Hails as the City of Future

Aside from growing real estate projects, the government implements innovative projects to improve its services. You’ll find state-of-the-art facilities, robust infrastructure, and transportation networks.

You’ll also find prestigious shopping centers, malls, restaurants housing international mouthwatering delicacies. Technologies are evolving as numerous techpreneurs invest in Dubai too. There’s no doubt that Dubai will the city of the future.

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