Five Things all Dubai Property Buyers Should be Aware Of

Five Things all Dubai Property Buyers Should be Aware Of cover

When buying a home, experts advise that you must work with a knowledgeable and accredited broker.

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Due to the excellent quality of life services that the city offers its residents, purchasing a home in Dubai is a dream that many expatriates cherish, both those who live and work here as well as those who are abroad.

Here are the five things you should know before buying property in Dubai.

Due diligence: If you're buying an off-the-plan property, do your research on the area, the developer, the quality, sizes, prices, payment plans, the status of the construction, and the completion rate.

Work with a professional agent: Make sure the real estate agent is accredited by the Real Estate Regulatory Authority and has a valid license (Rera). Ask them if they have a broker's card and a Rera certificate.

Understand the buying process: It's important to comprehend the legal processes, deadlines, and costs when buying a house. The broker will walk you through each step of the procedure, including the negotiations, paperwork, and handover of the final goods.

Reason for buying: A property bought for personal use is different from one bought as an investment to rent out. Therefore, it is strongly advised to understand the primary driving force behind the choice to buy the property.

Make sure you comprehend the market price and the rental yield you can anticipate before investing in Dubai real estate.

Source: Khaleej Times

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