How Real Estate Virtual Tours Sell Houses

Visual marketing has become popular these days. That’s why we see photos, videos, and GIF on our news feeds, mobile apps, and social media sites. It’s not a secret that interactive media can be found anywhere and even in real estate. The real estate industry has been very traditional in the way it handles the home selling and buying. But not anymore! The creation of virtual tours and the advent of video changed the way real estate is promoted.

It used to be that still photos of the rooms, its general internal structure, and even the exteriors are used. Listing agents can now give prospective clients a more realistic and interactive experience of walking through the property through a virtual tour. By a virtual tour, the buyers will be able to see the actual property and the real sizes of the rooms. The buyers will also know the feeling of actually walking on the property without having to be actually there. All that he or she has to do is to browse the net.

Virtual Tours as a Mainstay and Not a Fad

Virtual tours are seen as having the staying power. Its primary advantage is its ability to give buyers a more interactive experience of checking out their desired property. Room proportions and their relations such as the distance of the kitchen from the living room or the dining room can be easily imagined. When buyers browse in a 3D tour, buyers will be able to visualize themselves when they are in the actual space.

One other aspect to adding online videos to property listings is it can be propelled to the top of the search engine rankings. One of the things to keep in mind when uploading visual content on the online listings is the quality of the media to be attached to the listing. Gone are the days when a 3-minute video is used to promote the property. Today, 3D technology and drones are used to come up with high quality content, and companies even ask third party service providers to provide them with such interactive content.

How to Create a Virtual Tour

Top listing agents put more value on virtual tours more than the other types of online content. For high-end properties, 3D technology is used. For a bird’s-eye-view of the property, drones are used to show the perspective of the property’s location vis-à-vis the neighborhood amenities and its distance from school, hospital, mall, or any important public facility.

There are others who have considered the virtual tour as merely a fad but based on the increase in its use it is foreseen as something that has the staying power. Today it’s not necessary to hire professionals to come up with virtual tours for your property. There are sites like the VirtualTourEasy that enable you to produce a virtual tour by simply adding 360-degree photos. All it takes is five minutes to upload the photos and a few tweaks. What you need is a decent 360-degree camera for you to take pictures of.

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