These 5 Incredible Ways to Sell a House are so Creative You Might Earn Fast

To sell a house is a tedious task. Everybody who has gone through it knows better. The tenacity of the task is not affected by the trends in the housing market. There is enough competition among sellers, and it is necessary for you to make sure that your listing stands out from the rest of the properties. The more creative you get with the listing, the better it is for you. The following are 5 of the most uncanny ways to come up with a listing for your property:

1) Let the prospective buyers stay for the weekend.

This is much like test-driving a car. Letting the buyers stay for a weekend in the property might just be the shove needed to close the deal. Think about the features of the home you are selling and the community where it belongs. Highlight these selling features. If the sun room is the major selling point, make sure that you make it cozy and comfortable by putting flowers, a bottle of wine, and some snacks for them. If your master bath is the best-selling feature, place some bath oils and salts and a bath pillow for them to have a full experience of the new bath.

2) You can give away a freebie with the house.

If you have a car that you are about to trade in, it will make a good freebie to sell a house. It’s likely that you’ll be able to sell a house in a short time. If you don’t have a car to go with the house, you can get a home gym equipment or perhaps an outdoor patio furniture that has been sitting outside for a long time.

3) Provide potential buyers a virtual tour of the house.

It’s easy to produce a virtual open house or a 3D floor plan which will allow buyers from all over the country to see the house you are selling in real time. You may also livestream in the house for a day for the buyers to get a feel of what it’s like to stay in your home. Creating a virtual tour is easy and free of charge. All you have to do is go to the VirtualTourEasy site and upload your 360-degree photos and in 5 minutes you can have your virtual tour. This can be used to sell a house in Facebook and YouTube. You may also post the livestream video in Facebook by using Facebook Live.

4) You may also sell a house faster when you sell it in an auction.

It used to be that auctions are only for foreclosed properties or those that were seized by the banks. Today, a home auction is becoming popular. If your property is truly that desirable, it can cause a bidding war which can translate to a lot of money for you. There are precautionary measures you have to observe when you’re going this route. You need to check the National Auctioneers Association for you to find an experienced auctioneer in your local area. Find out the schedule for the next home auction in your area for you to have a feel of the process.

You also need to ask for references. It’s crucial for you to talk to the past customers of the auctioneer for you to confirm their credibility.

5) You can create a period setting for your property and do an open house.

If you have a property like a Victorian or Edwardian home, it may benefit a bit through a period setting. If your apartment is a Mad Men set, you can dress up and invite potential buyers in an open house. You may invite attendees for a tea in the garden or hold a '70s cocktail party.

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