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For expatriates living in Dubai, the school system is of an excellent standard. Unfortunately, public schools are not open to the children of expatriates, however, the number of private schools is huge and offers a wide variety to choose from. As with anything, you get what you pay for, and Dubai has a wide-ranging of skills with varying prices depending on the quality. The school curriculum often depends on the ‘nationality’ of school that you attend, with many schools opting to teach the IB (International Baccalaureate) curriculum as, as the name suggests, it is an international qualification. However many schools follow the British GCSE/A-Level curriculum, the Indian curriculum, or the American system. This varies from school to school and it is worth discussing this with the school when choosing them.

The teaching in Dubai is excellent within private schools, as would be expected. Students will learn in the language of the school (often this is English), and will learn other languages as well: often this is Arabic, but other languages can include French, German, Spanish, Russian among many others. The schools’ outstanding quality equips pupils with the required skills and grades for university – whether staying in Dubai or entering international academic institutions.D

The main private schools in Dubai offer excellent standards of education.

  1. Kings’, Dubai –

Kings Dubai is an international school that caters towards UK citizens living in Dubai. It teaches primary school age children, however, is branching out to teach up to year 9 (13/14-year-old pupils), and is located in Umm Suqeim. The school teaches in English, though integrates Arabic and Islamic studies into the curriculum.

  1. GEMS Wellington International School, Dubai –

Located in Al Sufouh, GEMS Wellington International School welcomes primary, secondary and sixth form age pupils. It teaches either the National Curriculum for England or the IB. The school is international but is taught in English.

  1. Jumeirah College, Dubai –

Jumeirah College, located in Jumeirah, has opened its doors to secondary school pupils since 1999. It teaches the National Curriculum for England, and all lessons are taught in English, despite a diverse student body comprising of 59 different nationalities. The school teaches Arabic, as well as French and Spanish, and Arabic can be taken to A-Level standard. Muslim students study Islamic Studies.

  1. Jumeirah English Teaching School, Dubai –

Located in Jumeirah, this primary school welcomes pupils from 3-11. Pupils study a range of subjects in English, including Arabic in both Key Stage 1 and 2, studying French in Year 5. The school promotes the development of active learners and provide children who require extra tuition with this in The Oasis. The Arabian Ranches branch of this school is open to both primary school and secondary school pupils.

  1. Dubai College, Dubai –

Another excellent choice located in Al Sufouh, Dubai College has welcome secondary school and sixth form pupils since 1978. The school is an international school for UK children and follows the National Curriculum for England. The school teaches in English and offers a wide range of subjects for pupils to study at GCSE and A-Level.

  1. GEMS Jumeirah Primary School, Dubai –

This primary school in Al Safa accepts pupils from 3-11, who are expected to attend GEMS Jumeirah College following the completion of their studies at GEMS Jumeirah Primary School. It teaches the National Curriculum for England, and offer a wide range of extracurricular activities for the children to enjoy.

  1. GEMS Modern Academy, Dubai –

Following the curriculum of the CICSE board, the school conducts ISCE and ISC examinations for students and is an Indian school. At the secondary school stage, students choose either the Commerce or Science stream. The students learn in English and choose a second language (Hindi/French/Arabic) to study alongside this.

  1. GEMS Dubai American Academy, Dubai –

Located in Al Barsha, GEMS Dubai American Academy offers pupils an enriched American Curriculum as well as the IB diploma. It welcomes Elementary, Middle and High School age pupils. The school offers a ‘Hopes and Dreams day’ at the start of the school year where parents and teachers can discuss the pupil’s needs and set objectives for the year.

  1. Lycee Francais International Georges Pompidou, Dubai –

This French school offers an education in French for primary and secondary school pupils in Dubai Academic City. The school offers a ‘bilingual’ programme where pupils can learn in English for 12 hours per week alongside 12 hours per week of French. Arabic is also obligatory to learn and pupils must study this from CP to 3ème, students can also opt to study Spanish, German and Latin.

These are just a selection of the main schools in Dubai, and there exist many others in which children are able to reach their full potential. With some research, you will be able to find the perfect school for your child when you move to Dubai.

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