How Dubai Created a “Comprehensive Ecosystem” to Attract Global Digital Nomads

How Dubai Created a "Comprehensive Ecosystem" to Attract Global Digital Nomads

Dubai has created an ideal environment for digital nomads in terms of quality of life, experience, and infrastructure, in addition to attractive remote working visa options.

Photographer: Mike Swigunski | Source: Unsplash

According to the Savills Executive Nomad Index, which ranks 15 destinations based on the favorable environment, they create for long-term remote workers, Dubai is among the top three destinations in the world for digital nomads.

The index, which is part of Savills' Impacts 2022 program, highlights destinations that offer convenience in terms of travel, ease of doing business, high-speed reliable internet, affordable real estate, and a strong local talent pool, among other factors that promote work flexibility.

"Dubai has achieved its ranking as the third-best city in the world for digital nomads through not only the various schemes introduced to help attract remote workers, such as the Remote Work Visa, but also the city's overall attractiveness in terms of quality of life, experiences, and infrastructure," said Majed Al Suwaidi, managing director of Dubai Media City.

Dubai's willingness to embrace the future of work through specialized digital frameworks and offerings has created a perfect environment for digital nomads.

Visa programs for digital nomads

In addition, every country on Savills' Executive Nomad Index has a digital nomad visa program or its equivalent.

Start-up owners, entrepreneurs, investors, and freelancers looking to work remotely in the UAE can take advantage of a variety of visa options, including the remote working visa, the five-year Green Residency visa, and recently announced entry permits for temporary projects.

A variety of freelance visas are available in the UAE's free zones, including Dubai Media City, Dubai Internet City, Dubai Knowledge Park, and the Dubai Design District, among others.

“We have the GoFreelance visa aimed at enabling independent individuals in media, design, and technology sectors,” Al Suwaidi added. “Meanwhile. Our start-up incubator in5 offers a variety of industry-grade media studios and creative labs that individuals can use to produce high-quality work from here in Dubai through a competitive membership scheme."

"I am confident that such a comprehensive ecosystem will continue to attract digital nomads who appreciate Dubai's ideal balance of work and play," he concluded.

Source: Arabian Business

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