Top 4 Problems (and Their Solutions) When Moving to Dubai

Top 4 Problems (and Their Solutions) When Moving to Dubai

The thought of moving to Dubai has become popular due to several reasons such as its economic opportunities, propensity for growth and development, and others. It used to be that expats in Dubai only had apartments found in skyscrapers as their option. Expats who prefer to have houses and villas had to settle for the suburbs. Today expats have multiple options, and they already have opportunities to buy houses and villas in locations they prefer. The downside with the multiple options available is the difficulty in choosing a house for rent in Dubai. Here are a few guidelines:

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Are You After the View or the Yard?

Most people who move to Dubai intend to be part of a huge cosmopolitan city. This only means that they fancy standing outside the balcony every night to view the magnificent Dubai skyline. The most appropriate type of home for these people will be the apartment unit within a skyscraper.

A villa, on the other hand, is meant for those who prefer a garden, a lawn, or a pool instead of a view of the skyline. This setup is intended for people who prefer the quiet and privacy of an area. Most apartments don’t allow pets. If you are bringing pets to Dubai, inquire for pet-friendly apartment units. The best option you can have is a villa that will provide the pets with a walled-off area for them to play around and explore on their own.


A villa is often thought of as the best property for expats with children. This is due to space and privacy that it can offer. Apartment units, on the other hand, are working towards this, hence the presence of soft play areas, communal nurseries, and daycare centers to make things more convenient for parents and guardians and to ensure that the children will be able to meet other children.

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Commute and Travel

A family that plans to move to Dubai is inclined to look for a house for rent in Dubai that can guarantee security, quiet and privacy, as well as safety. This situation normally results in choosing a villa even though it entails driving a bit to work. It will be hard to live in a cramped apartment.

A single individual or a couple who has no intention of having children may opt for a property that is affordable and conveniently located near the workplace.


For most people, cost is a primary concern. Cost includes the monthly payments, possible up-front fees, and maintenance fees too. Villas are considered to be more expensive than apartment units. The location is also a major factor that influences the cost. For any single individual, it may be a wise decision to choose a property that is far from expensive areas like Dubai Marina.

There are sites like ReDubai that contain helpful information on renting in Dubai. You can find location guides and prices. One of the more popular locations is Al Nahda since it is 20 to 30 minutes away from the Dubai Marina. You can find cheaper residences in the area with prices far from those of Dubai Marina’s.

With villas, there are more financial considerations such as maintenance, power, upkeeping, and furnishings due to the larger space allotted for them.

There are several factors to consider when you plan to move to Dubai. It has to be that since you will be moving to one of the world’s most economically viable countries. For you to get started on your move, contact ReDubai for helpful advice.

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