Long Term Real Estate Growth Promised through Expo 2020 Dubai

Long Term Real Estate Growth Promised through Expo 2020 Dubai

To support the preparatory work for the Expo 2020, an increasing number of professionals and experts have taken up residence in the city resulting in positive traction in the property sector.

Opportunities offered by the city will be highlighted by the event in hopes to encourage visitors to look deeper into the potential provided by Dubai and to return even post-Expo.

Dubai will further draw high net worth individuals and businesses worldwide with its projected growth in GPD of 3.5%m, making it a stable market.

Investors can already feel economic growth materializing a good year ahead Expo 2020 Dubai and this world-class event opening in the city.

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the UAE Vice President, Prime Minister, and Ruler of Dubai envisioned the economic impact of the event to be the most witnessed in the world, and it is said to be already felt across a wide range of sectors even as preparations are underway. 

More professionals and experts took up residence in the city to support the preparatory work which in turn resulted in the property sector receiving positive traction. The same can also be said with regard to aviation, tourism, retail, hospitality, logistics, financial services, and all core sectors that have contributed to energizing the economy as they geared up with new investments.

The property sector is witnessing unbelievable traction from investors coming from different parts of the world, and this can be attributed to new initiatives that support long-term visas for professionals and the provision of 100% business ownership.

By hosting over 25 million people – as an estimate of more than 70% international visitors – the Expo 2020 Dubai by itself will charge up the economy during the six-month event. However, the impact will be on a much global scale.

The spin-off of Expo 202 Dubai will focus its attention on the opportunities provided by the city, thus making the investment sector feel more attended. This is done to encourage visitors to explore the potential offered by the city. 

Dubai is more than prepared to impress its visitors with its central geographic location along with its world-class infrastructure. The city also possesses the highest standards of safety and security which draw an increasing number of professionals and entrepreneurs to the city.

Growth is further catalyzed with the new stream of individuals who will also invest in property along with the resident population and the international investors who have already known the potential offered by the city. 

High net worth individuals and global businesses will be drawn to Dubai with its projected 3.5% growth making it a stable market that assures long-term growth prospects for the economy. 

Dubai is considered to be one of the world’s most sought-after destinations for employment and residence; and the positive influence of the event will be felt through the economy, spurring the growth of all key sectors which will further add to its competitiveness and attractiveness. 

More people will be enticed to invest in their own homes through property developers focusing on offering competitive deals, through flexible payment plans. This will help pave the way in building one of the most competitive real estate sectors while at the same time providing long-term value for Dubai real estate investors. 

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