How Locals and Ex-pats Adapt to Dubai Lifestyle New Normal?

How Locals and Ex-pats Adapt to Dubai Lifestyle New Normal?

As the UAE government continues its efforts to fight the pandemic, the new laws it implemented changed the Dubai lifestyle tremendously. We’ve seen how the locals and ex-pats have braved the pandemic without creating major disruptions to their lives. To allow a smoother transition to “new normal”, we’ve compiled the complete list of new laws and regulations you need amidst the crisis.

Dubai Lifestyle New Normal You Should Know

Health Declarations for Air Travels

As Dubai plans to open its international borders and allow tourists soon, a new set of dubai lifestyle laws must be implemented. This includes temperature checks, wearing of masks, and reduced flight capacity to maintain physical distancing. Unfortunately, this means traveling might get more expensive since there’ll be no promo rates anymore.

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The public might brace for higher traveling fees in the future (as long as there’s no vaccine yet). Moreover, the government is bracing for the possibility of a reduced influx of tourists when it opens the borders again in the future.

Temperature Checks

While there’s still no vaccine for COVID-19 yet, the UAE government started following minimum standard safety protocols to protect the public from the virus. One of Dubai lifestyle measures the public needs to undergo is temperature checks. Thermal scanners will be installed in malls, establishments, and even airports to make sure your temperature is normal.

For those with higher temperatures, they will be advised to rest for a while before getting their temperature again. If the higher temperature persists, you’ll be advised to go to a clinic or hospital for further tests. Quarantine protocols might also be in place.

Restricted Movements

The government implements Dubai lifestyle 24-hour restricted movement on people to fight COVID-19. The said movement restriction helps in controlling the surge of the crowd. This will eventually give way to containing the virus and limiting the number of people infected. Aside from that, the curfew enables the disinfection team to sterilize major roads and districts in Dubai; especially for free zones and regions with confirmed COVID-19 cases.

Moving Permit

The UAE government also implements a moving permit to control the flow of people going in and out of the public. Several checkpoints were installed around Dubai to check the crowd passing by. The residents, locals, ex-pats, or tourists stranded must present their moving permit before they can travel.

Aside from that, the residents must wear masks and gloves when going outside. The authorities will also question your purpose of travel. So make sure you’re only traveling for essential purposes like groceries, medicine, or going to work.

Work From Home Policy

To save Dubai’s economy and workforce amidst the pandemic, the government urges Dubai companies to implement remote working. This includes work from home policy Dubai lifestyle to limit the number of people going to the office.

Meanwhile, the employees who need to go to the office for a skeletal workforce must practice social distancing at all times. The proposed new working system aims to help the public to keep generating income in times of crisis. The only industries exempted from this policy include aviation, healthcare, media, and security.

Limited Mall Operations

Since the pandemic crisis started, the retail sector was badly hit. Thousands of tenants have stopped their operations in Dubai’s famous malls. The only ones open and allowed to operate are those serving the essential goods. This includes groceries, supermarkets, and pharmacies. These establishments are allowed to operate until midnight (some with 24-hour operations) to cater to the public.

Implementation of Online Classes

Aside from work from home policy, the students must also adhere to the new online class Dubai lifestyle. To ensure the education sector still functions, the government orders schools to implement electronic learning and online exams.

These Dubai lifestyle measures ensure the city’s smooth and easy recovery plan after the pandemic. Want to move to Dubai? Buy a real estate property while the price is low now!

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