Things to Prepare To Acclimate in Dubai Lifestyle Before Moving In

Things to Prepare To Acclimate in Dubai Lifestyle Before Moving In

Despite the dire effects of COVID-19 to Dubai’s flourishing economy, there’s no doubt many investors still prefer to move here. Aside from the fact that they believe in the emirate’s economic potential, they also enjoy the Dubai lifestyle luxury it offers. Before you start the big move, here are the things you should know and prepare.

Things You Should Know About Dubai Lifestyle

Dubai’s Culture

Moving from one country to another isn’t only a nerve-wracking experience physically, but also mentally and emotionally. For one, you’ll need to adapt to the new country’s culture, laws, customs, and traditions. What might work in your native country might not work in the new country you’re staying in.

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So here are the Dubai lifestyle culture that might shock you:

  • Unmarried couples cannot cohabitate or live under one roof.
  • Adultery is punishable by law. You may even get subjected to deportation. So with getting a debt or bouncing a cheque.
  • No to drunk-driving and taking illegal drugs.
  • You need to dress conservatively. Wearing provocative clothes is disrespectful to the local community.
  • Respect Dubai lifestyle, local religion, and traditions. For example, it's disrespectful to eat or drink during the day in public during Ramadan.

Dubai Lifestyle

The Dubai lifestyle offers huge convenience to the most ex-pats. You can find many amazing shopping centers in the city. Dubai also houses the largest mall in the world. Aside from the numerous shopping options, the ex-pats also enjoy tax-free shopping.

However, if you’re on a budget, you can opt to shop at local markets and supermarkets to look for cheaper items. It’s also recommended not to shop on Friday; as the shopping centers are tightly packed with crowds.

Dubai’s Cost of Living

Dubai may be known for housing luxurious and expensive real estate, but it also offers numerous options to ex-pats. Dubai lifestyle enables you to choose between a luxury or affordable real estate. For example, you only need to spend 15,000 GBP to avail of a decent rental apartment with a good location.

If you prefer to buy a property, it's recommended to avail of an off-plan apartment or villa. You can also opt to purchase a resale property. While this may cost you a fortune, converting your properties to rental accommodation is a great source of passive income. Studies show most Dubai real estate yields 8-11% profit annually.

Healthcare in Dubai

Another thing you should take into consideration before applying for a visa is health insurance. Under Dubai’s law, it’s required for any ex-pats to avail health insurance before you go there. This is to ensure everyone’s safety as you experience Dubai lifestyle vibrance. Fortunately, you can find many healthcare packages that suit your health needs and budget.

Driving in Dubai

Like any other country, you need to familiarize yourself with Dubai's traffic rules and regulations first. Since Dubai is a rapidly growing metropolis, traffic is the main problem. So you might need to consider if you’re up for a busy and bustling Dubai lifestyle. If you do, the next step is to get a driving license.

Under Dubai’s law, you cannot purchase a car without obtaining a license first. You can also use your international license and drive-by renting a car. If you prefer to purchase a motorbike, you need to get a license first from your native nation. If you plan to take off-roads in Dubai and UAE, you’re also required to take a desert driving course.

Public Transport in Dubai

For those who prefer to commute, you can take advantage of the Dubai lifestyle's massive transport system. You can find several Metro trains, Tesla taxi cars, self-driving buses in every nook and corner of Dubai. It may be quite challenging to familiarize the routes. But after getting used to it, you’ll find yourself traveling around Dubai with ease.

Now that you’re ready for the big move, contact our professional real estate agents to purchase a property now!

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