Outdoor Adventures Your Family Can Enjoy in Dubai

Outdoor Adventures Your Family Can Enjoy in Dubai

You can have fun with the entire family when you engage in any of Dubai’s outdoor adventures. You can spend the night on the dunes and stargaze. The kids could also enjoy the sandboarding and quad biking. You may also ask them to be completely immersed in Bedouin life as part of today’s Dubai lifestyle. You get to ride camels and witness the flight of falcons while finding your very own constellation. You can pick from the packages offered by Platinum Heritage an ecotourism desert safari company that offers the aforementioned activities. The entire family may also head towards the Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve, the largest unfenced nature reserve where you could find wild cats, sand gazelles, and Arabian oryx.


You can hike and go mountain biking on the trails of Hatta. Hatta is 130 kilometers southeast of Central Dubai right at the foothills of the Hajar Mountain. Be mesmerized by the Hatta Dam and its surrounding mountain view. You may opt for the slow hike or indulge in adrenaline rush by mountain biking on the trails. This will take care of your glutes and quads after a hearty Emirati meal. The entire family may also enjoy the picturesque view of the Hatta Dam as you go kayaking around the lake formed by it.


Witness the modern-day version of camel racing in the Al Marmoom Camel Race Track. It is located next to the Al Marmoom Heritage Village and Al Lisaili. It is Dubai’s largest camel race track. You can pick grandstand seats for the whole family and be ready for a highly exciting spectacle with 60 camels racing towards the finish line. The racing season is from April to October. You can go to the venue earlier and take a picture with the competing camels for a travel souvenir.

Hot-air Balloon Riding

Get a hot-air balloon ride and enjoy a birds-eye-view of the desert dunes from above. It is the closest you can have to a magic carpet ride. From thousands of feet above the ground, you will be able to spot wild oryx, traveling camels, wild cats, and other wildlife creatures. Revel at the awe-inspiring emerald oases from thousands of feet above. This will make you see the city in a different and more interesting perspective.

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Enroll in dive lessons and be ready to explore the ocean depths of the Arabian Gulf. The whole family will be able to enjoy the splash of a lifetime as they engage in any of the following water-based activities: kayaking, diving, jet-skiing, and a whole lot more. You may head to the five-star Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Centre located at the Pavilion Dive Centre of the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Get ready for the rare marine life and ancient wreckage underneath the Arabian Gulf. Diving lessons are conducted to individuals of varying ages and skill levels. Freediving training is also available in the area.

Horseback Riding

You can unbridle your equestrian spirit as you go horseback riding around the desert. A great alternative venue is the Al Jiyad Stables. This business, which is located in the desert region of Saih Al Salam, is run by a family. It houses 120 horses and offers lessons on all skill levels. You may also book in modern riding clubs that come in the form of equestrian centers.

Immersing in the fascinating Dubai lifestyle will be the best thing you can give your family. For you to get started on this, you can check for more information from our website.

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