5 Best Dubai Investment Properties You Need To Make Right Now!

5 Best Dubai Investment Properties You Need To Make Right Now!

Dubai Investment Properties

Nowadays, people from different countries gather in Dubai for tourism, jobs, and investments. Dubai investment properties are lifting the tide for the region’s economy — bringing investors from all over the world. As for investment properties, there’s no place quite as accomplished as Dubai.

Structures built here inspires the new generation in building successful businesses. They leave stunning impressions that attract more people year after year!

As an investor, you need to choose the right strategic location if you want to succeed. Finding the right location is crucial since it determines your potential target market before putting up your investment.

This post will help you identify the best strategic locations to kickstart your business venture in Dubai. Here are the five best Dubai investment properties you need to make right now!

Dubai Marina

The towers on the grounds of Dubai Marina are breath-taking. Aside from its flourishing tourism, the thriving business sector also attracts people and investors all over the world. This place also takes pride in offering state of the art facilities like offices and the notable Dubai Marina Walk. Ranked consistently as one of the most searched Dubai investment properties, Dubai Marina should be on your list of the best investments you need to make today.

Downtown Dubai and Business Bay

Dubai Investment Properties has more political and economic stability
Downtown Dubai as one of the best Dubai Investment Properties

There are two main tourist destinations you need to keep your eyes on in UAE: Downtown Dubai and Business Bay.

Downtown Dubai holds prestigious landmarks known around the world such as one of the largest malls and tallest buildings in the world! Dubai Mall redefines shopping as it’s equipped with an aquarium, a zoo, an indoor waterfall, 150 restaurants, and an overwhelming 1,200 shops.

Meanwhile, the Business Bay, as the name implies, is one of the major areas profiting from the influx of tourists drawn by the famous business centers in the region. The properties in these areas will be great for investment as its value increases every year.

Jumeirah Village Circle

The place is just a short drive from major business attractions in Dubai like the Expo 2020 Pavilion. It is also one of Dubai’s fastest-growing locations that ranked 2nd highest rate of move-in for the first nine months of 2015. Most travelers prefer the region since it’s just a 20-minute drive to Al Maktoum International Airport. Not only that, but the place is also expected to draw more investments after the Expo 2020. So if you’re planning to put up a tourism or hospitality business, Jumeirah Village Circle is the perfect place for you!

Palm Jumeirah

Recognized as the largest man-made island in the world, Palm Jumeirah became the business experts’ top choice when it comes to real-estate. The upscale location and the wide-ranging projects made here make it a penny-worth asset. Experts say that Palm Jumeirah will reach its peak after project completion in the Palm Beach Residences. Hotels, restaurants, and apartment towers will attract millions of customers around the world apart from the delectable food restaurants available in the area. The Boardwalk also provides an exceptional view of the Burj Al Arab hotel and coastline of Dubai! And let’s not oversell the spas, nightclubs, and infinity pools that’ll be too hard to resist.

Dubai Sports City

In 2003, Dubai launched Dubai Sports City as a sports hub that hosts multiple sports tournaments including swimming, football, golf, and hockey. Investors are drawn to invest not only due to the influx of avid sports fans flocking in the area but also for the convenience it brings. It is accessible and close to major Dubai roads and even a 15-minute drive from the Expo 2020 Pavilion. Investors are looking forward to the upcoming Expo 2020 as millions of people are expected to visit the said event.

Dubai made US$ 7.8 billion last 2015, placing them on one of the top cities in the international market for foreign capital. Be wise in choosing the Dubai investment properties you’re making. No city in the region has more political and economic stability which is why many investors are thriving here.

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