The Must-See Pavilions at the Dubai Expo 2020

The Must-See Pavilions at the Dubai Expo 2020

The Dubai Expo 2020 is just around the bend. On 2020, Dubai will welcome the entire world in one of the most future-oriented world expos. Here are some pavilions to look forward to in this important event:

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In the Sustainability District of the Expo Site, through the artistry of architects Amann-Canovas-Maruri, the Spain Pavilion will acknowledge Spain’s Hispanic-Arab history and give recognition to the Islamic rule from 711-1492 which is called the Golden Age of religious and ethnic tolerance. The Spanish pavilion will showcase conical structures that allow for thermal and acoustic insulation. What makes it more interesting is that the structures are made of recyclable materials such as wood, iron, and also fabric. It also references traditional means of insulation and combines it with modern innovations. The structures will provide a basement exhibition space that connects all public areas with entertainment.

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The Sweden pavilion will be a combination of western and eastern influences. This will be designed by Alessandro Ripellino Architects, Studio Adrien Gardere and Luigi Pardo Architetti from Stockholm. The pavilion follows a nature-inspired theme. There will be hundreds of posts which will offer a Nordic forest scene. The ground level will be filled with tree trunks to be used as public areas, for cafes and exhibitions. The offices and conference rooms will be raised aloft. These are like tree houses that serve as a roof over some parts of the pavilion. Islamic geometry will form the wooden lattice screens of tree houses. Shades will offer from the sun and creating a mesmerizing play of light which is not far from the sun’s rays peeping through the verdant Nordic forests.

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Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia’s pavilion shows the aspirations of the kingdom. Saudi Arabia is moving away from being fuel dependent and it now has several societal changes. This will serve as a window to all the changing priorities. The kingdom has started to open its doors to tourism. The pavilion will show the world what Saudi Arabia has to offer. In the pavilion, a diagonal monolithic mass will appear from the ground which enables the creation of tableaus. There will also be digitalized screens on the surface.

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Brazil’s pavilion will offer an immersive experience to its visitors, taking them all back to the rivers, water, and natural resources of Brazil. This is a work of art designed by the architecture firms Ben-Avid, JPG.ARQ, and MMBB Arquitetos.

The pavilion will be surrounded by a shallow pool and surrounded by a tensile structure made of lightweight white fabric. Through the visuals projected on the tensile structure, visitors will be able to immerse in flowing rivers, lush greenery, and azure blue skies. They will also be able to walk on a reflection pool, uniting one’s self with nature, even if it is only an illusion. It’s that sense of illusion that leads to the realization that in the future nature may end up merely a mirage.

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