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Where to Find the Best Fireworks in Dubai and How to Experience It

Where to Find the Best Fireworks in Dubai and How to Experience It

Dubai is not known as the city of wonders for nothing. You can expect the Dubai skyline to be a canvass of various hues. This is expected to be in full swing during the Dubai Shopping Festival. After a day at the mall, you can check on several areas that show magnificent fireworks displays and mesmerizing light shows. You can enjoy all these from the following venues:

Along a great stretch of beach sand

The beachfront location has the best contemporary fare of including an entertainment package and fashionable boutiques. You can simply walk barefoot along the coastline and wait for 9PM when a fantastic fireworks display happens. This happens every Thursday and Friday.

At the most dynamic business district

You can enjoy the grand fireworks display while at the Beach at JBR or Jumeirah Beach Residences. This is known to be one of the city’s most beloved social gems. Stay in the area during Thursday and Friday at 8PM. Have a hearty dinner with your loved one, feel the sand on your feet, and wait for the wonderful colors to fill the vast Dubai skyline in this side of Dubai.

Right at the heart of Dubai history

The Al Seef at the Dubai Creek is a trendy spot for modern lifestyle connoisseurs. You can immerse yourself in the region’s history in terms of mercantile and pearl diving as evoked by the ambience and artistry of the place. Explore the alley walls and the ancient architecture found in the area. You can stay along the waterfront, enjoy a warm dinner, wait for the splendid fireworks display to take place at 8:30 PM during Thursday and Friday.

These are spots that are available for everyone visiting to experience lifestyle in Dubai. You can check out these places anytime; but if you want to be mesmerized by a colorful fireworks display, always be on time for it.

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