Moving to Dubai? Here Are the Top 7 Best Places to Live In

Moving to Dubai? Here Are the Top 7 Best Places to Live In

There are many reasons for people to move into Dubai. It may be for work, for tourism purposes, for education, and for business. Once you have decided to do so, the first thing to consider is your new home. Several factors have to be considered as well when it comes to choosing a new home such as proximity to public transport, school for kids, health care facility, business establishments, and place of work. The following are the best areas to live once you decided to move into Dubai:

Dubai Marina

This is located right in the heart of the New Dubai. It is a peaceful community that is best for singles and young couples who like to enjoy the first stages of their married lives. It’s a place where your privacy will be greatly protected. You have the best options for apartments and villas whose prices vary according to the number of bedrooms for each unit. It also includes exclusive amenities such as a gym, shops, and restaurants. If you like to watch a breath-taking view of the marina and the entire city, the community hosts a high-rise building and tower for it. Check out >> Dubai Marina Apartments for Rent and Apartments for Sale Dubai Marina

The Mirdif

This is the best place if you are an expat and would like to be with other expats in the country. This community is just behind the airport. It offers apartments and villas that are affordable. You may need to do a proper inspection of each property first. There are shopping malls, restaurants, and other amenities in the area. The only drawback to living in this community is the noise from the airport.

Arabian Ranches

The Arabian Ranches is the best place to stay for an expat who does not want the noise of the city. It is the best neighborhood for expats. The community is also equipped with all the amenities such as health care facility, shopping malls, school, cafes, and restaurants.

Jumeirah Beach Residence

This is the best residence for beach lovers. Living in the Jumeirah Beach area allows you to breathe refreshing breeze from the beach every day. You can easily a top quality apartment unit in the area with all the first class amenities. It is known as one of the best areas to live in Dubai.


Downtown Dubai is known for some of the tallest buildings in Dubai like the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall which is also the largest mall in the area. Residing in the area will allow you to experience interesting and immensely pleasing experiences you won’t experience elsewhere. You have options for luxury or affordable apartment units. The downside to living in Downtown Dubai is the traffic and the noise it brings since it is the busiest area in the country. Check out >> Properties for Rent Downtown Burj Dubai and Properties for Sale Downtown Burj Dubai

Business Bay

This is the most popular area to live for business tycoons. Living in the area lets you witness the entire community and at the same time focus more on the business. It’s one of the more expensive areas to live in so you need to be ready with the right budget. Check out >> Properties for Rent Business Bay Dubai and Properties for Sale Business Bay Dubai

Jumeirah Lake

This is the best place to reside for those who can’t give up the scent and look of nature. Living in this area will give you a great view of the lake and the green shrubbery surrounding it. The community offers not only fresh air, but affordable apartment units as well.

No matter what your needs are, you will certainly find the best place to live in Dubai. All you have to do is outline all your requirements and reach out to trusted professionals for real estate advice. If you need advice, contact ReDubai!

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