Top 13 Indian Schools in Dubai

Top 13 Indian Schools in Dubai

There are many elements that Dubai lifestyle can offer: luxurious living, night life, shopping, and entertainment. The many Indians who stay or plan to stay in Dubai, especially those who have families, have more needs. One of these is a high quality school for the children. It’s a good thing that Dubai offers a wide array of Indian schools to choose from:

1. GEMS Modern Academy

This school aims to provide Indian kids with a safe environment for them to learn and grow. They implement the BYOD or Bring Your Own Device Concept. There are several sports facilities, gardens, discovery centers, and libraries in the school. The GEMS Modern Academy is on Nad Al Sheba 3. The school is affiliated with the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations. Its curriculum follows the CISCE Board and it has received the certificate for international recognition.

2. JSS Private School

This is a school that has mixed-gender classes. Its aim is to make education a tool for social change. The school is part of JSSMVP (JSS Mahavidyapeetha) which has strongly established itself as an educational institution for 6 decades. It now has 2,000 students which are far from the original count of 200 students when it started in 2011. The JSS Private School is located at 343 & 132 40 B Street in Al Wasl. It is affiliated with CBSE. It has a curriculum that adheres to the Indian education guidelines and the National Curriculum Framework (NCF 2005) which include practical living.

3. GEMS Our Own English High School

This school was founded in 1968 by K.S. Varkey. It is now being managed by his son, Sunny Varkey. It is one of the oldest schools in the country and practices inclusion as it has 10,000 students from 22 different nationalities. GEMS is located on Al Warqa’a. This school is CBSE affiliated, and the National Council of Educational Research and Training has developed its curriculum that ensures the holistic development of the children, not only academics.

4. Amity School Dubai

The Amity School Dubai of the Amity Education Group is continuously proving itself to be one of Dubai’s best Indian schools. The school follows the CBSE curriculum and ensures comprehensive education on its children. The school is on the Al Qusais School Zone. It is also known to have small class sizes to ensure that the kids are provided with more individual time for more specialized education.

5. Ambassador School

The Ambassador School has been known to produce top-notchers. This is proven by awards that the school won such as 2017-18 World ICSE and ISC results in Computer, Math, Biology, and Commercial Application. It has also been awarded the Golden Peacock Award for excellence in business and innovation. The school is also known to involve the children’s parents in their academics through PALS (Parents of Ambassador Learning System). The school curriculum adheres to the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE). It makes use of a well-structured and highly comprehensive syllabus and equips the children with practical knowledge. It has internationally recognized certificates that can help the children to proceed to world-class universities for further education.

6. Credence High School

The Credence High School on Al Quoz 4 area is known as the most inclusive Indian school. Students in this school are from 30 countries. The curriculum focuses on academics and sports. The school adheres to the CBSE curriculum and it aims to develop the children’s cognitive, social, emotional, creative, and physical skills.

7. The Millennium School

The Millennium School was founded in the year 2000. The school is located in the Al Qusais School Zone. The institution aims to develop a child’s abilities and his potential to achieve greatness and excellence. The school’s curriculum adheres to the CBSE Indian curriculum which is largely based on hands-on activities.

8. GEMS New Millennium School

GEMS New Millennium School, which is located on the Al Khail Road, Dubai, has a multicultural community. Its students are of 40 different nationalities. Founded only in 2013, this school is one of the relatively newly founded schools in Dubai. The school adheres to the CBSE Indian curriculum. It offers a highly creative curriculum that encourages students to discover the world. The school also has integrated arts specifically visual arts with its curriculum.

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9. GEMS Our Own Indian School

GEMS Our Own Indian School, on Muscat Street in Al Quoz 1, was founded in 1991. It takes on a holistic approach to education, ensuring that each child develops critical thinking skills, social awareness, and social intelligence. The school enjoys an exemplary reputation for academic excellence. The school adheres to the CBSE syllabus.

10. Delhi Private School

The Delhi Private School Dubai branch was established in 2003. It is a branch of the highly acclaimed Delhi Public School Society. Currently, it has 3,200 students enrolled. It has been rated by KHDA very good in quality education. The school is recognized by the Ministry of Education in Dubai and it adheres to the CBSE.

11. JSS International School

The JSS International School in the Jumeirah Village Circle focuses on its 3 Cs which stand for confidence, character, and creativity. This school is part of JSSMVP (JSS Mahavidyapeetha). Parents and involved in its school system which is known to be progressive. The school makes use of the international concept, but it follows the Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) standards. It operates on the Experiential and Collaborative Learning system which utilizes workshops and role-playing to ensure an interactive and efficient environment.

12. The Indian Academy

The Indian Academy is one of Dubai’s best Indian schools. The school is located behind the Madina Mall on Al Muhaisnah-4 focuses on developing the children’s skills to prepare them for life’s challenges. They are also taught to accept their identity and to appreciate the diversity in the Indian culture. The school adheres to the CBSE Indian curriculum and has 7 main areas to focus on for their early education namely physical development, math, art, and design, understanding the world, communication and language, literacy, and personal, emotional, and social development.

Indian Children
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13. The Indian High School

The Indian High School has a 50-year history in education. The school was founded in 1961 and it is the only school to have received the award Sheikh Hamdan Award for Distinguished School and School Administration twice in the years 2002 and 2005. It has two campuses. The senior high campus is on the Oud Metha Road while the junior high campus is on Al Garhoud. It adheres to the CBSE curriculum. It’s the first school to have been awarded the certification “CBSE New Generation Schools.” It is also the first school to have received the ISO 9001-2008 accreditation.

If you are an Indian planning to move to Dubai soon, selecting the appropriate school for your kids will not be a problem. There’s more lifestyle in Dubai tips that you might haven’t known yet. Don’t miss out!

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