Dubai Lifestyle: World Cup Cancelled Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

Dubai Lifestyle: World Cup Cancelled Amid COVID-19 Outbreak

We’re still in the third month of the year 2020, and the world is already bracing for the worst. Millions of people all over the world got affected by the pandemic. Dubai isn’t exempted from this enduring battle. Most of the Dubai lifestyle routine got halted by the virus.

This includes postponing some of its major events; especially the highly-anticipated World Cup. Let’s learn more about this heartbreaking event.

Dubai Lifestyle: World Cup Postponed due to COVID-19 Pandemic Outbreak

The organizers for the highly-anticipated 25th Dubai World Cup released a heartbreaking announcement recently. Due to the rising and dire threat of COVID-19 pandemic, they arrived at a painful decision to cancel and move it to a later date. Racers must brace themselves to prepare until 2021.

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The Dubai World Cup is one of the most famous racing sports in the world.

The said decision cost the organizers to lose an astounding $35 million. Seeing as they projected to earn that figure should the event be pursued last March 28. The organizers also anticipated showcasing a staggering $12 million purse for the Group 1 race's showpiece. Last year, Thunder Snow snagged the Dubai World Cup championship for two consecutive years.

The Announcement

The Dubai government also released a statement echoing the organizer's sentiments. On their website, the government says the committee had to postpone the 25th edition of the Dubai World Cup to sometime next year. This is to ensure the optimum health of the participants, as well as their audiences.

Since the virus strives in events holding big crowds, the government wants to avoid that. That’s why visitors and locals all over the world may have to wait a little longer to experience this Dubai lifestyle. In lieu of UAE’s implemented preventive measures, Dubai felt it’s their duty to protect the health and well-being of its guests and residents.

The Appreciation

Despite the cancellation, the Dubai government expressed their appreciation and gratitude to all racing enthusiasts. They thanked the Dubai World Cup's stakeholders, participants, fans, and guests for their loyal support all throughout these years. The government also states this isn’t the end of the Dubai World Cup.

They look forward to the day the world will experience this exciting Dubai lifestyle again. The committee also promised to prepare exciting activities to welcome their guests and participants next year. Until then, the Dubai government urges everyone to stay at home and be safe in times of crisis.

Will the Dubai Expo 2020 Be Cancelled too?

Following the enduring announcement for the Dubai World Cup postponed, a lot of investors all over the world posed another enduring question. Will this move influence the Dubai Expo’s event? Will it be canceled too?

According to the experts, there’s still no definite announcement about postponing it yet. However, the government is closely coordinating with concerned agencies in monitoring the situation. While they remain positive that the COVID-19 will be over soon; they won’t hesitate to cancel the event should the need arise.

The Advice

In the meantime, the government urges its Dubai residents and ex-pats to stay at home as much as possible. They aim to limit the exposure of people outside to stop the spread of the virus. The Dubai government also canceled numerous events and closed businesses to flatten the curve of infected cases.

Aside from that, the government assured its people they will not abandon them in this enduring time. They can avail of an economic stimulus package that aims to give financial assistance to affected workers. The same is true for businesses that shut down due to coronavirus. The sooner the Emirate can stop the virus, the sooner for everyone to go back to their normal lives.

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