5 of the Must-Visit Museums in Dubai

5 of the Must-Visit Museums in Dubai

Dubai has several museums to offer local and foreign tourists as part of the Dubai lifestyle. They may range from the world-renowned ones to those that only a few heard of.

The following are 5 of the must-visit museums in Dubai:

1. Quranic Park

Quranic Park is one of the newest attractions in Dubai. It has a size of about 60 rugby fields. Its purpose is to provide more green space topped with a much better grasp of Islamic beliefs. The Quranic Park of Dubai earned the title one of the World's Greatest Places by Time. The park is located at Al Khawaneej.

The park has orchards and glasshouses where visitors may explore some of the medicinal plants and herbs featured in the Holy Quran such as figs, pomegranates, garlic, and olives.

2. Cave of Miracles

This is another attraction within the Quranic Park. This is where there are seven miracles showcased on the walls of the cave. Feedback of the attraction includes the following: Quran is not only about retribution; it has practical application in daily life. The place is also perfect for kids. Children will be able to experience the things they only read and heard about the Quran. The Cave of Miracles also allows both the practitioners of Quran and the non-Muslims to visualize and experience everything discussed in the Quran.

3. Al Shindagha Perfume House

Al Shindagha Perfume House is the first museum in the entire UAE that is dedicated to fragrances. Part of the Perfume House complex is the Al Shindagha Museum. This part intends to document and share the Emirati heritage. Perfume House is in charge of documenting the history and the societal role of fragrance within the region. The current Chief Cultural Guide of the Perfume House is Rashed Almuhairi. According to him, the site is important since it provides not only the visitors of the city but even its youth about Dubai’s past as a perfume-making and pearl-diving location before it became what it is now. The Al Shindagha Museum which is the front liner in the promotion and documentation of culture and heritage opened the first phase which houses the “Dubai Creek: Birth of a City” pavilion, along with the Perfume House.

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The Perfume House has one of the uncanny exhibits which is a 28-kilogram piece of oud. Oud can be found in Aquilaria trees that are infected by a certain type of mold. This resinous heartwood is the main ingredient in the popular Arabian scent. The fragrance is also a crucial element in an Emirati ritual known as gahwa which means coffee. This would bring you to the historical Al Fahidi neighborhood.

4. Museum of the Future

The building itself follows the principles of feng shui and it represents the earth and sky. The hole found in the center represents the unknown. Visitors will be able to experience these including the application of groundbreaking technology.

5. Coffee Museum

This is the perfect sanctuary to go on a hot day in Dubai. The Coffee Museum is a unique collection of books, artifacts, and vintage souvenirs such as the Arabian coffee pots that are known as dallah up to a cup that commemorates the 1981 wedding of the UK’s prince and princess of Wales. The museum is owned by Khalid Al Mulla.

Coffee is the second commodity after oil. It has a large impact on the economy, society, and politics of the Emirati. There is a particular method of serving Arabian coffee. Cups must be held by the right hand and the most valuable person is served first.

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