Top 4 Holiday Destinations to Enjoy the Dubai Lifestyle and Culture

Top 4 Holiday Destinations to Enjoy the Dubai Lifestyle and Culture

Dubai Lifestyle: One You Should Enjoy

UAE is taking the world by storm with a stunning view. Dubai excels in making world-class infrastructures and the top holiday spot! High-rise buildings leave foreign visitors in awe, and even tourists can’t have enough of sales bargains they could bring back home. There’s more to Dubai lifestyle than the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall. Explore these other hotspots on your next visit.

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1. Dubai Museum

The city is more than two known hotspots that highlight their culture and glamour. Housed in Al-Fahidi Fort is Dubai’s Museum. It is built in1787 as an act of defense for Dubai Creek. The structure was made of interesting materials. Traditional coral-blocks make up the wall of the fort. The palm fronds make great ceilings along with plaster and mud.

It used to be the residence of the ruling family, a garrison, and a prison. Today, the Dubai Museum is the premier museum of the city that’s restored twice, 1971 and 1995. Visitors stand in awe seeing the exhibition of the fascinating old maps of the Emirates and Dubai.

The courtyard houses traditional boats, palm-leaf houses, and an Emirati wind-tower. You’ll even find dioramas covering aspects of emirate life displayed in halls below the ground. Get mystified by thousand-year-old graves found at Al Qusais archeological site!

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2. Bastakia

Explore and imagine the Dubai lifestyle as you tour around Old Dubai in the Al-Fahidi neighborhood. It was built in the late 19th century as a home of wealthy Persian merchants. They were dealt with textiles and pearls. They decided to stay in Dubai for its tax-free trading and access to Dubai Creek.

Bastakia is at the eastern art of Bur Dubai along the creek. The wind-towers will draw your attention. They were the early form of home air conditioning. The merchants got this from their home country as this was common in Iranian coastal houses.

Traditional ceramics and furniture collection are found at Majlis Gallery. Art exhibitions will engross you at Al Serkal Cultural Foundation.

The distinct Arabian culture in Bastakia is riveting at it showcases a much slower age in the history of Dubai.

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3. Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House

Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House is the previous residence of the former Ruler of Dubai Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum. He served from 1921-1958 as an Emir of Dubai. The museum, located at Al Khaleej Road, Bur Dubai, is a fascinating example of Arabian architecture.

Sheikh Saeed's father built the house in 1896 to observe shipping activities from the balconies. The current house is built next to the original site since the original one was demolished. The original model was incorporated into the house: gypsum ventilation screens and carved teak doors. Dubai lifestyle is observed as they built 30 rooms surrounding the central courtyard.

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4. Dubai Creek and Al Seef District

The city is separated into two towns by the Dubai Creek: Deira(north) and Bur Dubai(south). The creek is an influential body of water that attracted the settlers to dive for pearls and fish. Small villagers live way back in the creek.

Dhow wharfage is located along the banks of Dubai Creek. You’ll see cargo loaded and unloaded on dhows. You might be lucky as the dhow workers here invite visitors onto the vessels for a tour. Like many other tourists before you, you’ll have an insight of what Dubai lifestyle is like for traditional sailors.

Al Seef district is located on the creek’s Bur Dubai side. The buildings here are made of limestones and traditional coral-blocks. Stroll and enjoy the captivating view of the water, floating market, and craft shops!


Dubai is many things, all beautiful, diverse, and cultural. The things you can find here are more than the known infrastructures you often hear about. Explore their culture and experience how enchanting it is to live a Dubai lifestyle. For more exciting information, read our blog!

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